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Make it once, make it right

The above mantra of our company speaks directly to our unrelenting focus on quality. With this goal in mind, we have proudly served Hawaii since 1985. Because of this rich history, we bring extensive experience to the job with a staff that’s like family.


MK Electric has been providing electrical services to Hawaii since 1985 and have since expanded our services to include both photovoltaic and cellular.

Our focus is on commercial projects that extend from small retail stores and sales centers to restaurants and large warehouses. We cover the whole spectrum of light commercial work that your business may need at its start or renovation. At the same time, we offer our electrical expertise to new residential constructions.

Additionally, we are a full-service cellular installation provider in Hawaii as well as refurbishment specialists. Our services range from performing the grounding work to assembling and carrying out maintenance on towers. We guarantee that the job is done once and done right, and we do so by relentlessly testing our equipment, labor and installation with the best products.

Finally, we work at the forefront of the emerging sustainable energy industry with the installation of photovoltaic systems in Hawaii. Today, we are giving residents and businesses access to renewable energy as their powering source, which helps you save on energy costs and helps us save the environment.

MK Electric provides the most professional, efficient work in the electric, cellular and photovoltaic industries in Hawaii. Working with us for your residential and commercial needs will be like working with family. Our guarantee is that we will listen to your needs and exceed them with our expert staff and crew.