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Residential & Commercial Solar Energy Systems

solarIf you are one of the thousands who are committed to converting to renewable energy and saving money by harnessing your own solar energy, you are in luck. The solar industry has made significant advances in the last decade and continues to introduce new and innovative ways for consumers to participate both on a residential and commercial level.

There are lots of excellent reasons to install a solar photovoltaic system in your home or business. We’ve discussed the tax breaks, credits, and benefits the government offers to subsidize solar systems at the state and federal level. But on top of that, your property stands to gain substantial value because you have installed one of these systems, and retain that value well into the future.

According to real estate experts, every dollar you save through energy initiatives and upgrades translates to about $20 in increased property value for your residence. So if you have the ability to save $500 per year as the result of your solar system, this will translate into a $10,000 property value increase. Additionally positive is the fact that property value increases resulting from solar systems are exempt from property taxes.

There are many costs to consider when installing a solar photovoltaic system. However, maintenance of a solar system is not one of them, as solar power systems are virtually maintenance free. They are also the quietest and cleanest power systems around, giving you peace of mind and your neighborhood a break from the polluters (noise and air) synonymous with traditional energy sources like petroleum and coal.

When deciding on the right system for your family or business, you’ll want to consider a few things. The size of your array will be determined by the amount of space that you have available. It will also depend on the type of system you choose, as solar panels tend to vary somewhat in width.

Solar panels also come in different colors and deciding on one is a matter of personal preference. While panels come in both white and black, white panels are most often used in both commercial and residential applications. Installers will tend to lean exclusively toward the white panel for commercial installations. And because the white panels form a white grid when assembled, the aesthetic conscious consumer can choose black panels to avoid this checkerboard effect for their home installation.

The efficiency of both residential and commercial panels is very comparable. However, commercial installations tend to be somewhat larger than residential ones. If you can, find an installer that has ability to utilize racking and bolting systems and non-permeating ballasted mounts as this will mean a faster and easier installation. Ultimately the installation that you choose will depend largely on two things; your budget and the configuration of your property that is facing south.