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Questions for Your Photovoltaic Installer in Hawaii

Photo courtesy of Living Off Grid on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of Living Off Grid on Flickr.

You know that solar panels are an alternative energy source that are helpful for the environment, and you know that you’re interested in installing a photovoltaic system on your home in Hawaii. But you don’t know a whole lot about photovoltaic systems in general.

Before you talk to a professional photovoltaic installer in Hawaii, you need to know what to ask and what the system will require of you once it’s installed. By addressing these questions and issues, you will be more in the know and better equipped to usher your home into a more environmentally-friendly phase.

Questions You Should Ask

According to energy.gov, you should ask yourself as well as photovoltaic installers the following questions:

1. Has the company installed grid-connected PV systems? If not, has it installed grid-independent PV systems?
2. How many years of experience does the company have installing PV systems?
3. Is the company properly licensed or certified?
4. Does the company have any pending or active judgments or liens against it?

Energy.gov also suggests to get estimates from several photovoltaic installers in Hawaii. Make sure that when you’re getting these estimates, you’re asking for the same type of system and coverage from each company.

A photovoltaic installation professional can also help you configure your system, helping you assess which size you need to support your electric needs. To help the professionals better, it’s best to provide past electric bills as well as to contact your utility company to gauge your total electricity usage.

Professional photovoltaic installers in Hawaii will also be able to determine the size you will need based on available sunlight, orientation of the system and efficiency of the system.

But Do Not Try at Home

When it comes to maintaining and troubleshooting your photovoltaic system in Hawaii, it’s best to seek advice and help from the professionals. Never try to perform maintenance on your own system, regardless of how much experience you think you have. Any issues your system may be experiencing can end up becoming costly repairs if done incorrectly.

There may be some maintenance that you can do to the photovoltaic system on your own. However, this is a topic you need to bring up with the photovoltaic installer. But if you’re not the DIY type, it’s highly recommended that you keep all routine maintenance and performance checks to the professionals.

Like any home project, it’s important to ask questions. Not only will you be educating yourself, but you’ll also be testing the knowledge of the professionals you’ve entrusted to change your home into a money-saving, environmentally-friendly residence. After all, a photovoltaic system in Hawaii is an investment.

With that, make sure you treat it properly. Do not try to make repairs or perform routine checks on your own. It could end up costing you big time in the long run. With the help of photovoltaic professionals, you can ensure that your PV system is running at its maximum potential for years to come.