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Play it Safe: Do You Need an Electrical Upgrade?

electrical upgradeElectricity can pose a serious hazard both in the workplace and at home. Since the recording of trauma began in the mid-1800s, there have been significantly numerous reports of electricity injuries and fatalities for professionals in various capacities. Out of one million electrical professionals working in North America, nearly 97 percent have been shocked or gotten hurt on the job. Additionally, first responders, manufacturers, machine operators, utility and mass transit workers and many others don’t work exclusively with electricity but remain at risk for electric shock as well.

Safety should be a major consideration when it comes to electricity. This means that both the wiring in your house and business need to be able to sustain the next generation of modern appliances. But how do you know whether your electrical service is up to snuff? There are a few tell tail signs which should alert you that your electrical system is insufficient for your needs and usage. The most prominent sign is frequent circuit breaker tripping. Your home or business may have been sufficiently outfitted in the past. However if you’ve added any power hungry appliances, electrical systems or expanded your footprint, this will have a major impact on your draw. Your need to update could mean a simple dedicated circuit addition. 

While increasing the amount of power that your panel can bring in may correct one problem, there are other considerations to make. Older buildings should always undergo an inspection. Older electrical panels work differently than conventional ones with all of their built in safety features. Most of us are accustomed to circuit breakers. However systems that have not undergone an update will function on fuses. Fuse boxes were constructed to capacitance up to 60 watts of power. This is significantly less than the average household uses today. In order to deliver power to match consumption, sometimes oversizing or fuse bypass is performed. However, upgrading outweighs both of these options in practicality and safety. 

Whether you are living or doing business in an older structure, or you simply want to perform an electrical upgrade on your system in order to keep up with your increasing need and demand, an electrical professional will be able to perform inspections and check out the system you have in place, make suggestions about the most effective and appropriate way to enhance your electrical system and perform these improvements according to industry and federal specifications.  If you have any doubt that your electrical system is performing optimally and with minimal risk, contact a professional to help you assess and correct your electrical situation.