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Make it once, make it right

The above mantra of our company speaks directly to our unrelenting focus on quality. With this goal in mind, we have proudly served Hawaii since 1985. Because of this rich history, we bring extensive experience to the job with a staff that’s like family.


Photovoltaic technology allows both residential and commercial buildings to harness and take advantage of a sustainable energy source. Across the globe, it is one of the most sought after renewable energy sources.

MK Electric has responded to this demand for sustainable energy and offers photovoltaic installation and maintenance services to the Hawaiian islands. We pride ourselves in working on the forefront of this emerging technology and energy source, making us the ideal choice when it comes to making this renewable investment.

We began providing residents in Hawaii with photovoltaic services in 2009 and continue to improve upon industry standards and new practices as demand grows from environmentally conscious residents and businesses. What separates us from other photovoltaic service providers in Hawaii is our capacity to do more than simply install the necessary equipment.

Our expertise extends beyond photovoltaic maintenance and installation. We also offer a plethora of electrical services to our customers, ensuring that we’ll be the only provider you need for your photovoltaic, electric and cellular needs.

What’s more, we only use the best products to develop our photovoltaic systems for residents and businesses in Hawaii. We depend on SolarWorld panels, which maximize your investment with panels made in America, as well as Enphase Microinverters that generate power in all conditions.

If investing in a renewable energy source is an upgrade you would like to make for your home or business, we can begin working with you today. Our hard working, knowledgable staff and crew are ready to provide you with a quote, tailor a system to your needs and begin installation. Feel free to contact us now.

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