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Petroleum Use in Hawaii


Photo courtesy of UNews Utah

Petroleum is the name of energy use around the globe. About 30% of petroleum is used to generate electricity for our islands, while about 63% is used for transportation. A good chunk of Hawaii’s oil comes from the mainland, but a lot of it is shipped internationally, most notably from Indonesia and China.  Chevron and Tesoro are the two big names when it comes to local oil refineries. They refine the imported crude oil, or bring in already-refined oil for Hawaii. The main problem with petroleum is its cost. The price of petroleum is adjusted through global supply and demand, and as we all know, the demand is now starting to outweigh the supply as our consumption continues to increase. The other problem with petroleum is its environment impact. Petroleum is toxic to pretty much ever biological life form on this planet. Being carcinogenic and disease causing, petroleum is a dangerous substance for us humans as well. Additionally, when petroleum or oil distillates are burned, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methanol, and soot — just to name a few — are produced in the process. Carbon dioxide is the most notable byproduct as it contributes to climate change. Oil spills are also a catastrophic environmental hazards, as the one in Gulf of Mexico alone leaked 4.9 million barrels and caused irreparable damage to the biosphere. An alternative solution to our energy in Hawaii is solar power. Through the commercially available photovoltaic system, the average consumer is not far away from going green in their home. A photovoltaic system works by converting solar energy into usable electrical energy that will help power your fridge, computer, and television rather than burning oil for them. This can drastically decrease the amount of petroleum we burn in addition to the benefits our environment receives. Nonetheless, it is a direction we must be going toward, and it is a future we must create.