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HECO’s Plan for Hawai’is Energy

imagesThe August 26th deadline which everyone has been eagerly anticipated has come and gone. This date marks the end of the time frame which the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) granted to HECO to rewrite and resubmit their plan for improving Hawai’i’s energy costs as well as developing private and commercial solar rooftop incentive programming. The first plan which was originally submitted back in April fell short in the areas of lowering costs and promoting renewable energy.

This recent plan has an expansive focus regarding consumer service options and electric bills. These are areas which are particularly important to consumers but which the previous plan fell short in addressing. The new plan also promises to reach new renewable energy heights by the year 2030.

Hawai’i residents and businesses alike have been waiting patiently for HECO to reinvigorate the rooftop solar installation grid tie in initiative. According to the new plan, grid enhancements and upgrades are in the works. And with the generation of solar power comes the need for backup and storage. This means investment in state of the art battery systems to sustain the grid at times of power outage. By tripling the amount of distributive solar, HECO will make it possible for the integration of solar and open the planning process for contractors and customers alike.

Smart grids, which are currently being tested on Oahu, will give a strong indication of how successful an initiative of measuring and adjusting intake can be. Based on information collected from individual users directly from the utilities metering devices, HECO hopes to adjust it’s renewable energy integration and make service more reliable.

Natural gas is another item on the agenda as HECO strives to diversify it’s power consumption from an oil base to one of liquefied natural gas among others. On the table are also bids for expanding an energy portfolio to include geothermal, wind, biofuel, biomass and hydroelectric energy. By expanding services and options for clean and affordable energy, HECO will inadvertently promote the use of renewable resources, currently being utilized by just 18% of the state.

Another very important element of the plan is HECO’s pledge to keep utility pricing fair and reasonable. The intention is apparently to institute fair pricing and implemented across the board, regardless of whether a customer is generating their own power and using small amounts from the grid, or remaining full service customers and utilizing the utility for 100% of their energy needs.