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HECO Officially Announces Rising Electricity Prices

25680849_BG1It’s something that both Hawaiian businesses and residents have in common. Everyone is bracing for a change which has been brewing on the horizon for quite some time. Despite Hawaii’s already considerably high energy prices and as the result of multiple significant factors, the price of energy state wide is scheduled to go up even more this summer.

An order which has been issued by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission approves incremental rate increases for Hawaiian Energy Company customers as well as those of HECO subsidiaries as an effort to maintain continuity and ensure the possibility of future development and growth as well as reinforcement in support of the existing (and in many instances outdated) infrastructure.

In addition to the need to capacitate the fluctuating cost of fuel, the utility has a charter to lessen our dependence on oil and increase renewable energy resources for an overall sustainable energy plan. Currently, the number of solar photovoltaic systems in Hawaii is rapidly growing and reducing the amount of energy which residents and businesses are consuming from the grid. This means a shrinking profit margin for MECO and weakened resources for future improvements to individual island systems, as well as the utility overall.

Coupled with necessary maintenance, upkeep and modernization of the electricity delivery mechanisms, utilities are also faced with the need to invest in and migrate to renewable and sustainable energy sources. While such investments have the ability to decrease consumer and utility dependency on fossil fuels and increase access to and availability of affordable and reliable power, the price of improvements is significantly more than utilities can currently handle.

Together with the U.S. Department of Energy, Hawaiian Electric has earmarked a collective total of $1 million investment in grid reliability improvements. These efforts will be instrumental in the utilities’ ability to make more educated decisions about grid conditions and bring to sight how more renewable energy sources can be incorporated into running the grid.

Once instituted, the much needed grid enhancements will reduce power outages and accelerate the restoration of power and allow utilities to keep pace with industry standards. MECO will also have the opportunity to pioneer the shift from oil to sustainable energy and following the actions of so many consumers’ by way of solar photovoltaic system installation.

Although a decrease in overall electricity costs for consumers in Hawaii is a long way away, we can be confident in the fact that the state of Hawaii has already surpassed national expectations to reduce emissions and produce increasingly more clean energy. This is partially due to Hawaii’s lack of coal powered utility and the tremendous advances the state continues to make in utilizing renewable energy resources.