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HECO Delays Solar Arrays

34029The sun is shining and it’s really a shame to let it go to waste by not installing solar panels to suck up that sunshine and saving some of your energy costs. So what could be the problem preventing thousands of residents from benefiting from the sun’s rays and the relief they will bring to consumers’ pocketbooks? It’s none other than the state’s electric utility. Currently, permitting for the connection of solar installations to the power grid is on hold and it’s impacting some 4,500 applications. The process stalled out sometime around January and has not returned to normalcy since.

HECO has laid the blame on their outdated and inadequate system for the hold up and has consistently promised incentives and upgrades. However eager solar enthusiasts have yet to see the proof of any upgrades. In fact, many fear that in order to facilitate upgrades and improvements to the current grid, HECO will have to hit customers with fees and costs that are higher than ever before. According to HECO they are losing a large percentage of income because of the solar photovoltaic installations currently in operation and must offset those losses in order to be able to make enhancements in the future.

A process which used to last a couple of months at most is now estimated to take up to nine months or longer. Solar companies, customers and the Public Utility Commission (PUC) agree that nine months is an unreasonably long time to wait for something so rudimentary and are insisting that things change. That’s why the PUC mandated that HECO submit a plan for eliminating the current backlog and giving more consideration to solar rooftop integration.

Currently there are an assortment of technical specifications which must be met in order to permit a solar installation to be connected to the grid for net metering. This is one way that HECO is dealing with the saturation of solar systems and the potential adverse effects on the power grid. And although solar installers are up to date on specs and requirements, there continue to be obstacles to them providing service. In fact, solar installers are unanimously voicing concern that they are faced with technical issues and requirements which are new to the industry entirely, leaving many wondering where exactly HECO’s interests sit.

Those who want solar power now, don’t necessary have to wait for HECO to open the flood gates. There are currently various good options for power storage and backup. By connecting solar panels to a battery system, consumers do not need to depend on power utility incentives and mandates in order to move forward. And with recent technological advances that solar battery and backup systems are seeing, it almost makes sense to bypass the grid entirely.