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HECO Clean Energy Transition Plan

BjHaW8nCUAAFs82.png mediumThe August 26, 2014 deadline which the Public Utility Commission (PUC) has issued to Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) for the development of a restructuring plan around rooftop solar installations is quickly approaching. When the 120 day time limit given on April 28th for a new planarrives, many anticipate significant changes. However there are also those who say that the plan will ultimately be just another report.

This submission will not be HECO’s first attempt at satisfying the Public Utilities Commission’s request for a better energy rate structure. A preceding plan that was originally submitted by HECO in April of this year failed to gain approval. As a result, HECO is focusing on presenting methods for improving power supply. One way they intend to do so is by adding rooftop solar capacity. While no details of the plan which HECO plans to submit to the PUC will be released prior to the deadline, many speculate that the new plan will address shortcomings of the previous plan that failed.

With the recent change to HECO’s renewable energy incentive programs as well as solar installation permitting structures, many Hawaii residents are waiting patiently for solar photovoltaic panel installation to move forward. The call to action issued by the PUC is a result of exorbitant energy costs, roadblocks to rooftop solar installation, and major obstacles to increasing photovoltaic on the power grid, all issues which the PUC wants HECO to do away with.

Since there are potentially significant changes at stake as a result of this measure, there are numerous organizations and institutions weighing in on the subject and offering sound, constructive, knowledge- based feedback. The goal of environmental agencies is to propound a shift from fossil-fuel based energy to an assortment of clean energies.

In addition to plans for upgraded solar power integration, earlier this year HECO issued proposal requests for expansion of geothermal and biofuel production. These steps mean a more diversified, sustainable and renewable way for the utility to harness and deliver energy. HECO will have to come up with ways of producing and distributing inexpensive and clean energy to compete with rooftop solar. The materials will have to be less expensive for HECO in order for them to be less expensive at the receiving end.

HECO faces multiple challenges to gain approval from the PUC. Recently, their Chief Executive Office resigned, causing a temporary interruption in leadership. This is in addition to the changes which the utility provider must endure under the pressure of national oversight. It will be interesting to see how rapidly and significantly the shift to solar energy will take place once the HECO Clean Energy Transition Plan is approved.