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The above mantra of our company speaks directly to our unrelenting focus on quality. With this goal in mind, we have proudly served Hawaii since 1985. Because of this rich history, we bring extensive experience to the job with a staff that’s like family.

Hawai’i Businesses Saving Money with Electrical Upgrades

If you are a business owner on Hawai’i, you are mormaine than likely aware of the high cost of powering your business. While national energy prices have consistently held fast, energy costs for Hawai’ian businesses and residents have continued to rise since the 1990s with particularly significant increases within the past ten years. There appears to be no end in sight. This coupled with the fact that alternative energy resources are emerging rapidly throughout the state for both commercial and residential application, has many business owners progressively taking things into their own hands.

Despite MECO’s recent announcement of price increases as an effort to offset upcoming upgrades and improvements to individual and collective island grids, they continue to offer resources and advice to businesses on how to conserve and alternate energy consumption. Recommendations range from simple implementations of LED lights and signs, to complementary retrofits of small business lighting arrays (formally known as the Free Lighting Retrofit Project). Initiatives such as these are helping businesses realize how important and effective electrical upgrades for their commercial space can be.

There are several other incentives which Hawai’ian business owners can take advantage of, such as Building Envelope Improvements which focus on changes to the exterior of a building in order to cut consumption and costs. Benchmarks and designs for more efficient energy infrastructure are also available by way of the central chiller plant metering and data logging system which will provide businesses with comprehensive, real time data on cooling efforts, allowing businesses to set realistic energy goals and track their progress. Evaluations are also available to help businesses determine how to reduce energy consumption by conducting energy audits and studies through the Whole Building Assistance Program.

The State of Hawai’i is also involved in initiatives to help diversify energy production. Along with the U.S. Department of Energy, the Hawai’i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) plans to generate 70% of all island electricity through clean energy by 2030. This will be accomplished through a combination of efforts such as renewable energy production, increased energy efficiency and a reduction in energy demand.

We have already started to see the impact which upgrades, conservation and distributed generation are having on utility generated energy costs. Reductions in consumption and costs are also markedly attributed to electricity generation in homes and businesses from solar photovoltaic installations. Thanks to current alternative energy advances and a growing compatibility between on grid and off grid energy systems, we are seeing a major shift by small businesses to become more efficient and practical about their energy plans, uses and needs.