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The above mantra of our company speaks directly to our unrelenting focus on quality. With this goal in mind, we have proudly served Hawaii since 1985. Because of this rich history, we bring extensive experience to the job with a staff that’s like family.

Energy Sources of Hawaii

Have you ever wondered what powers your home? Your energy comes from a place not far away if you’re in Hawaii. From your living room to your

Photo courtesy of Data Visualization on GeBlogs. http://visualization.geblogs.com/visualization/hawaii/

Photo courtesy of Data Visualization on GeBlogs.

kitchen, your appliances are running on electricity converted from petroleum, coal, natural gas, and renewable energy. Out of these energy sources, petroleum and coal make up about 92% of our usage. The fact of the matter is, Hawaii does not have a oil or natural gas well that we can tap into; so we are forced to import most of our energy needs from the mainland. This makes our energy three times more expensive per kilowatt compared to the national average. Not only does this mean we’re paying a substantial amount of money for energy, but most of our money is being spent on unclean energy. The answer to Hawaii’s energy problem lies with renewable energy.


Hawaii is incredible. We are able to draw power from a lot of places in nature: biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar, and wind. All together, renewable energy makes about 8% of our total energy and 10% of our electrical energy. Out of all the alternative sources of energy, solar energy is the most reliable; due to the fact that the Sun will continue to rise and set at predictable times. With the prices dropping significantly over the past few years, photovoltaic systems in Hawaii are seeing more light. In addition to the economic benefits, solar energy provides carbon-emission free energy.  By harnessing the rich, green energy of our `aina, not only can we cut costs by dramatically reducing imports, we move a step toward in helping our environment.