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Beware: Electric Hazards in Your Home in Hawaii

Photo courtesy of State Farm on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of State Farm on Flickr.

Home is where the heart is; and with that, it should be the safest place for you and your family. More often than not, though, a home is a hotbed for unseemly dangerous situations, especially when it comes to electricity. The first step in keeping the people and place you cherish the most safe is to educate yourself and take action against the potential dangers that could be lurking in your home in Hawaii.

Frayed electric cords. From your hair dryer to your television cord, frayed electric cords could be everywhere in your household. A frayed cord could cause minor or major electrocution. Either way, these cords need to be thrown out and replaced. Never try to fix them with duct tape or masking tape.

Single switch versus power strip. Any electric service provider in Hawaii will tell you that one of the most common hazards in the home is an electric outlet that has multiple plugs piggy-backing off of one another. If you have an outlet that is home to many sources, utilize a power strip instead. This is not only safer but will also result in energy savings too. When these appliances are not in use, you can turn off everything plugged into the power strip, which prevents you from wracking up unnecessary charges on your electric bills as well.

Indoor and outdoor wiring. If your family spends a great deal of time outdoors and uses fans, radios and lighting outside, you shouldn’t be depending on extension cords to do so. An electric service provider in Hawaii will tell you that using an extension cord, while inexpensive, is not the best choice.

Firstly, these cords should not be used in place of permanent wiring. If you host gatherings in your backyard or spend many family dinners on the back porch, it’s better for your family’s safety to invest in permanent wiring. Secondly, these wires present a fire hazard. Not only could they start a fire but guests or family could actually trip over these if they needed to leave a dangerous situation in a hurry.

Faulty appliances. If your toaster or curling iron throws sparks, it’s definitely a hazard. Don’t chalk it up to a one-time experience. Throw the appliance out immediately, and find something else. While it may cost you now, it will prevent a serious, or even fatal, incident.

While all of the above instances provide tell-tale signs of electric hazards, there are also some dangers that you may be completely unaware of, like faulty or outdated wiring. Homewoners should ask their electric service providers for a walk-through of their home to assess any present or future risks. At the same time, your electric installer in Hawaii can suggest updates and upgrades that will benefit not only the safety of those in your home but your wallet too.

Following these tips and procedures will help to ensure the safety of the people and place you treasure the most. Get started now to prevent potential incidents or dangers.